Nikki (projectmayhem57) wrote in lostloveletters,

Okay, I'm in the process of scoring a book deal.
And I need your help.

The book is a collection of love letters,
in the style of Postsecret and bound into a coffee table book.

I've been collecting love letters for years and years,
because I think they're beautiful, and they make me happy.
I have letters addressed to me, to others, and letters to people
I don't even know, that I found on the ground
or in the mall or in school or mistakenly put in our mailbox after we moved.
One I found scribbled on a slide at the playground, & I took a picture.
But I don't quite have enough.
I need your love letters.
I realize they're special to you, so I will accept photocopies,
but if you don't want the originals, I will take those.
I know a lot of people just want to get rid of
the love letters their exes gave them.
Please, if you want to contribute,
e-mail me at

You can censor it beforehand, if you wish (please don't!)
using a BLACK MARKER ONLY. Don't scribble shit out.
Just draw a neat line across where he said
he wants to fuck you or something, covering the words.
Your name will not be included unless you want it to be.
Obviously I'm not giving out my home address on here.
So e-mail me if you want to contribute, and I will send
you the address of a P.O. Box. You can mail it there.
Letters sent may or may not be included in the book.
I am looking particularly for letters that are well-written, legible,
beautiful, sad, angry, or break-up letters, but any letter will do.

It doesn't have to be on paper, per se.
It can be written on napkins, the sidewalk in chalk, your arm,
your yearbook, anything, so long as it's about love & is addressed to someone.
If the letter is not on paper, please take a photograph and send it.
I know most people wouldn't try to send their arm in the mail,
but some people are hilarious retards.
Please help - and tell your friends. Please.
I love you. Thank you.
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