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It's funny

I think it's funny how you say you don't understand me. You say you just can't figure me out. And as much as I try, I can't figure you out either.
But here's what I do know about you:
You like to drink beer at bonfires and listen to country music.
You love your truck and you tell me you love me.
You don't look at other girls, and you've been hurt before. She hurt you bad, and I know it. I hate her because of that. But if she hadn't, I wouldn't have you.
And you are my baby's father. You're going to be a father. You're going to have a little girl.
A little girl, Jim.
And I know, above all, that I couldn't possibly love you more.
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July 10 2008, 20:21:44 UTC 8 years ago

lol its was funny