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Dear Lemon...


Dear Lemon,




I saw someone on the bus today. He has an uncanny resemblance to you. He sat just a seat in front of me. For the entire thirty-minutes ride ever since I’ve noticed him, I couldn’t get my eyes off him, even though what I could catch a glimpse of was only his back. His shoulders were like yours, skinny but somehow, broad. His hair had a tinge of brown, seemingly soft and supple like yours; not as stylish and neatly-messy though. The fingers were pleasing to the eyes too, like how yours attracted my attention when I first caught eye. Although they were beautiful and looked like yours, your fingers and hands are probably the best I’ve ever seen. The shape of his face and head were similar to yours too, but still, the word is just ‘similar’ and not ‘identical’. He prolly saw me glancing at him throughout his journey through the reflection of his PSP screen. However, who gives a damn? I thought I’ve gotten over you, but at that point of time, I thought I hadn’t. Thinking over, you could be just so yesterday to me; I no longer have a crush on you, but I guess you’ll always be of relevant importance in my heart. Once I saw him, all the locked memories of you came gushing out of the gargantuan metallic box in my heart, which I had secured so tight. Oh Lemon, do you know how much I miss you? Who knows, that someone I saw… it could be you.


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