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I'm really tired of hearing your victim song. You never sacrificed anything for me. I never asked you to. I gave myself to you in every way. I would have done anything for you. All you are worried about is what other people think of you. Why didn't you ever care what I thought of you? Just so you know, I think your beautiful, intelligent, interesting, loving, and fun.
You embarrassed me, humiliated me, and made a laughing stock out of our relationship and my trust. How could I have known you were spending all your time with another person. I sat here waiting for your call every evening. You would call, late, and act like everything was okay but it wasn't. You came home late from work with excuses. You had to take someone home, you needed to stop at the store, you had a flat tire. Everyday was something new, everyday was a lie. When it all came out I cried and you just sat there, not saying a word. You didn't care.
Now, after all this time, and after all the lies, and after I'd moved on, you want me back! You said you missed me. You missed my smile, you missed my laugh. You missed nights out with me and how much fun we had. You missed me holding you, and kissing you, you missed making love. I knew you would never find someone that would treat you as good as I did!
But I have a question, an important question for you. Have you ever wanted something? I mean REALLY wanted something? You wanted it so bad and so hard that you could knawl your own arm off to get it? Do you want me that much? Do you need me? If so, you need to work for me. I need to know that this time you are for real.
The thing you need to understand is that I love you. I always have loved you and I always will love you. But I can't put my heart into a relationship with you if all you are going to do is break my heart.
Please be honest this time, please love me. Love me the way I love you... unconditionally and completely.
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