leader of the youth and beauty brigade. (i_love_dinos) wrote in lostloveletters,
leader of the youth and beauty brigade.

i love her, but i think she still loathes what i used to be (and probably still am)

i used her.
i'm so sorry.

now i realize what a mistake it was, and how i took her for granted.
no one there was worth it. i tried so hard to get acceptance from strangers, but never tried to keep hers.
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January 17 2009, 07:49:32 UTC 9 years ago

This haunts me, and the sincerity of it's simplicity compels me to write. Tell her...dear God, tell her. Years I have longed to hear those sentiments from someone close to me, and for a brief moment, it gave me hope. Those few unpretentious words may be all she needs to hear from you...sometimes, it IS that simple; expression could create a new beginning, or prevent a lifetime of 'what if's'. Thank you for opening your heart to the world, and now that you have the key...give it to her.